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This free online tool converts your age into Emu years based on your DOB. Just enter your date of birth and find out how old you would be if you were a Emu.

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Some information about Emus

Emus are captivating creatures that have adapted remarkably to their environment. Their sheer size, unique physical attributes, and intriguing breeding habits make them a subject of fascination. Whether it is their significance in Australian culture or their ability to thrive in challenging conditions, emus continue to inspire awe and admiration. Exploring the world of emus reveals yet another remarkable facet of the diverse and intriguing animal kingdom.

Breeding and Reproduction

Emu breeding habits are intriguing and involve both males and females taking active roles. During the breeding season, male emus create nest-like structures on the ground and attract multiple females. Each female lays several large, dark green eggs in a single nest and then leaves the responsibility of incubation to the male. The male diligently incubates the eggs for around 50-55 days, going without food and water during this period. The newly hatched chicks are precocial, possessing feathers and the ability to walk shortly after emerging from their eggs.

Emus in Australian Culture and Significance

Emus hold cultural significance to the indigenous people of Australia. They appear in various Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and are often depicted in artwork and traditional ceremonies. Emus also have a place in modern Australian culture, with their image featuring on the Australian coat of arms, symbolizing the country's progress and resilience.


Emus are nomadic birds. They follow the rain in search of seeds, flowers, fruit, buds, shoots, insects and caterpillars. Emus can cover great distances at a fast economic trot, but if necessary they can reach 50 km/h for short periods of time. Emus usually live alone. They sometimes come together in entire troops, but that is more because the available food brings them together.

Human Years to Emu Age Chart:

Human to Emu years calculator: How old am I in Emu years? A human's 1 year is equal to about 0.35 to 0.41 years of a Emu's lifespan. We've created an easy-to-understand chart that shows your age by converting it to a Emu's age.

Human Age Emu Years
1 Year 0 Year, 4 Months, 18 Days
2 Years 0 Year, 9 Months, 6 Days
3 Years 1 Year, 1 Month, 24 Days
4 Years 1 Year, 6 Months, 12 Days
5 Years 1 Year, 11 Months, 1 Day
6 Years 2 Years, 3 Months, 19 Days
7 Years 2 Years, 8 Months, 7 Days
8 Years 3 Years, 0 Month, 24 Days
9 Years 3 Years, 5 Months, 13 Days
10 Years 3 Years, 10 Months, 1 Day
20 Years 7 Years, 8 Months, 2 Days
30 Years 11 Years, 6 Months, 3 Days
40 Years 15 Years, 4 Months, 3 Days
50 Years 19 Years, 2 Months, 4 Days
60 Years 23 Years, 0 Month, 5 Days
70 Years 26 Years, 10 Months, 6 Days
80 Years 30 Years, 8 Months, 7 Days
90 Years 34 Years, 6 Months, 8 Days
100 Years 38 Years, 4 Months, 8 Days

Some interesting facts about Emu:

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Casuariiformes
Family: Casuariidae

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