Your Age on Planet Earth

This free online age calculator calculates your age on Earth based on your date of birth. Just enter your name and DOB and click on Calculate button.

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What would be your age if you were born on other planets?

Earth Overview

Earth is a planet in the solar system which is also called world. It is the third planet in terms of distance from the Sun. It is a planet on which life is found. 71% of its surface is covered by water and 29% by land. Its surface is made up of different plates. Water is found on it in all three states. It has a thick layer of ice at both the poles.

According to radiometric dating estimates and other evidence, the origin of the Earth was 4.54 billion years ago. Earth is located about 150 million kilometers away from the Sun. It is the third planet from the Sun in terms of distance. It is the largest rocky body in the solar system. The Earth completes one revolution around the Sun in 365.2564 days. It is tilted 23.5 degrees vertically on its axis. Due to this, different types of weather come on it. It completes one revolution on its axis in 24 hours, giving it day and night. Due to the proximity of the Moon to the Earth, it is responsible for the weather on Earth. The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth.

How old would you be if you were born on Earth?

Do you want to know what would be your age if you were born on Earth? So just select your birthdate in the above form and click on the calculate button and this tool will calculate and tell you how many revolutions Earth has made on the Sun and its axis since your birthday. That is, how old are you on Earth in years, months and days, along with this this calculator will also give the date of your next birthday on Earth.

Earth Age Chart

Earth orbit around the Sun takes 365.25 Earth days. For easy understanding we have written some years in the table below and it has been converted to how many years on Earth if you are x years old on Earth.

Age on Earth Earth Age
1 Year 1 Year
2 Years 2 Years
3 Years 3 Years
4 Years 4 Years
5 Years 5 Years
10 Years 10 Years
15 Years 15 Years
20 Years 20 Years
25 Years 25 Years
30 Years 30 Years
35 Years 35 Years
40 Years 40 Years
45 Years 45 Years
50 Years 50 Years
60 Years 60 Years
70 Years 70 Years
80 Years 80 Years
90 Years 90 Years
100 Years 100 Years

Interesting Facts about Earth

Farthest distance from Sun: 152,100,000 km (94,500,000 mi)
Nearest distance from Sun: 147,095,000 km (91,401,000 mi)
Day: 23.9 hours
Year: 365.25 days
Radius: 3,959 miles (6,371 kilometers)
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Number of moons: 1
Volume: 1,083,206,916,846 km3 (259,875,159,532 miles3)
Mass: 5,972,190,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg
Density: 5.513 g/cm3
Escape Velocity: 40,284 km/h (25,031 mph)
Surface Temperature: -126 °F min / 136 °F max (-88 °C min / 58 °C max)
Rings: No
Average orbital speed: 29.78 km/s (107200 km/h; 66600 mph)
Surface gravity: 9.80665 m/s2 (1 g; 32.1740 ft/s2)