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Koala is a tree-dwelling, herbivorous marsupial found in Australia. It is the only member of the Phascolarctidae biological family that has not yet become extinct. It is found along the coast of eastern and southern Australia, but is also widespread in interior areas that are not very dry. Most of the koalas in South Australia were killed in the 20th century, but were then brought back from Victoria and resettled.

Their fingerprints are similar to those of humans. Koala is a bear-like animal. In the past, chlamydia infection has spread among them. In 2008, about ten percent of the koala population in the Australian state of New South Wales died due to this disease. Mark Kroeckenberger, an expert in animal diseases at the University of Sydney, told American TV channel CNN that currently 85 percent of the population of this rare species in Australia has been infested with chlamydia. Krokenburger said- 'If you look at this, now there is not enough breeding population left in this species to survive. Most female koalas with chlamydia become infertile within a year or more of two. So even if they survive, they are still not able to reproduce.'

Experts say that koalas were already in danger due to forest fires and deforestation. Now their existence seems to be in danger due to the outbreak of Chlamydia.

Koala is called the pride of Australia. This species is found only in this country. It is frequently performed at cultural festivals in Australia. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the koala as one of the animals on the verge of extinction. According to the Australia Koala Foundation, now the number of this animal is only 58 thousand left.

You will not believe that the koala sleeps for about 18 hours in a day. It sleeps on the branch of the tree, or we can say that koala is a lazy animal. It is also a compulsion for the koala to sleep for such a long time because the digestion of food takes more time. It is a nocturnal animal that searches for food only at night. It goes from branch to branch on eucalyptus trees. The koala eats only the finest leaves of eucalyptus.

More than 700 species of eucalyptus are found in the forests, but the koala eats only the leaves of about 30 species. Koala is not a social animal. He does only 10 to 15 minutes of social activity in a day. According to Australian law, this animal cannot be kept as a pet. The average lifespan of a koala is 14 years.

Koala Age Chart:

If your koala was a human, how old would he/she be? Ever wonder how old your koala is in human years? Use above tool to calculate your koala's "human" age. We have created an easy-to-understand chart that shows koala age by converting it to a human age.

Koala Age Human Years
1 Year 4 Years, 6 Months, 21 Days.
2 Years 9 Years, 1 Month, 13 Days.
3 Years 13 Years, 8 Months, 9 Days.
4 Years 18 Years, 3 Months, 0 Day.
5 Years 22 Years, 9 Months, 21 Days.
6 Years 27 Years, 4 Months, 13 Days.
7 Years 31 Years, 11 Months, 9 Days.
8 Years 36 Years, 6 Months, 0 Day.
9 Years 41 Years, 0 Month, 21 Days.
10 Years 45 Years, 7 Months, 13 Days.
11 Years 50 Years, 2 Months, 9 Days.
12 Years 54 Years, 9 Months, 0 Day.
13 Years 59 Years, 3 Months, 21 Days.
14 Years 63 Years, 10 Months, 13 Days.
15 Years 68 Years, 5 Months, 9 Days.
16 Years 73 Years, 0 Month, 0 Day.
17 Years 77 Years, 6 Months, 21 Days.
18 Years 82 Years, 1 Month, 13 Days.
19 Years 86 Years, 8 Months, 9 Days.
20 Years 91 Years, 3 Months, 0 Day.

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